Eric's photographs of our wedding last August are by far our favorite collection of photographs. Eric has an amazing ability to capture the myriad of special moments (both subtle and obvious) that make up a special occasion, Eric is uniquely talented in that he is able to capture these moments in a non-instrusive way, allowing the events to unfold naturally (and without people being aware that a camera is present). The creativity he puts into setting up each shot is amazing, particularly given that he's able to set his shots up in mere seconds. I fully recommend Eric for anyone in search of a great photographer.

Sara and Ryan's Wedding, 8/01/08 (San Clemente, Ca)


I couldn't imagine anyone else but Eric Kjellberg being our photographer for our big day. I can't say enough about how much we loved our photos from our wedding. He showed up early to scope out the venue and where to get the best shots. He was absolutely professional from beginning to end. In addition, he has such a warmth and friendliness about him that put everyone right at ease. He was able to capture the moments beautifully and we feel so lucky to have amazing photos that will remind us of how beautiful our wedding day was. After the wedding, he turned our photos around to us so fast! I was impressed with how quickly he was able to put the photos together and how accessbile he was for questions. Even after the wedding, he diplayed a professionalism that is second to none. I would highly recommend Eric for anyone looking for a truly talented photographer! He did a flawless job for our wedding but I have no doubt that for any event, he would do an impeccable job! I would completely trust Eric again to capture the special moments in a way that only he can. I love his enthusiasm, his professionalism, his sincerity and his raw talent. Eric is truly one in a million!

Janet and Jonathan's Wedding, 5/23/09 (San Ramon, Ca)


Eric did an excellent job for my garden party--not an easy task with people scattered over a two acre, steep hill. He got many good group shots and posted the photos quickly on the website. He was punctual and has a great disposition--always a plus. I have also seen photos of a wedding he shot which had spectacular photos.

Sheila Martin-Stone's Garden Party, 6/06/09 (Oakdale, Ca)



Eric Kjellberg Photography handled the photography for my wedding and performed a very professional and thorough job.  He went beyond the call of duty and was one step ahead of us in terms of the different shots that we would want but were too distracted to request.  Basically we were able to put the photography in his hands and he handled everything so we could focus on the multitude of other things.

The photography is beautiful, the process of selecting and purchasing the photos was smooth and very intuitive for ourselves and our guests, the album exceeded our expectations and prices were reasonable.

Lastly, Eric's positive attitude and warm friendly manner really made an impression on my guests and I received quite a few positive remarks from friends and family who interacted with him that day.  He left a great impression on them.

I feel very lucky to have had him there to help make that day perfect for my wife and I.

Tamara and Micheal's Wedding, 1/17/09 (San Francisco, Ca)


My wife and I were so impressed with Eric's ability to capture all the intimate moments without interrupting or causing a distraction. When we looked at the photos we both thought we looked natural and loved his artistic approach that he took. I would highly recommend him not only for his great photography but for the ease and professionalism. We had so many compliments from our guests as well.

Frida and Joel's Wedding, 12/16/02 (Hermosa Beach, Ca)